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“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." Anais Nin



My name is Ria and thank you for visiting my blog WRITE REWRITE. Here you find an exploration of writing through literature and film, drawing on my experiences of my own practice and studies. Having recently completed a MA in Writing for Script & Screen, graduating from Falmouth University with a First-Class Honours, my blog allows me to continue to be reflective, all with a mind to advance my writing and others. Scriptwriting is a practical art form, transitioning the written word into the physical. The layers of change the script goes through from the initial thought, to the writing, then the journey onto the screen is its beauty.

I am regularly working on and updating my portfolio, which not only allows me to refine my skills but also to collaborate with fellow scriptwriters and industry professionals. I had the opportunity to interview Sonja Klaus, a renowned production designer who works closely with Ridley Scott and whose credits include Gladiator, Prometheus, Taboo, and Mr. Selfridge. As part of my ongoing script development, I have attended the London Screenwriters’ Festival (September 2017), where I sat in on conferences with Stephen Woolley (Number 9 Films), and Christopher Vogler. In 2018, I travelled to Milan for the SRN Screenwriters’ Festival where I sat in on talks on scriptwriting theory from authors such as Heidi Philipsen and Craig Batty. In November 2018, I visited Galway, Ireland to spend time on the Irish speaking soap opera Ros na Run. Shadowing the director and the production team, I was able to experience the day to day routine of a continuous soap drama.


A lover of horror and thriller, my aim in writing is to create suspense and evoke emotion. Along with psychology, writing explores the human condition in all its glory, the good and more menacingly the bad. To me, scriptwriting is a powerful tool and can challenge the status quo.

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