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Audience Identification: The Bridge Season One Episodes 1-5 (2012) Review

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Hans Rosenfeldt’s Nordic noir The Bridge (2011) Season 1, was the case study I used to look at audience identification. A crime investigative thriller, the theme is the desire for justice from the perspective of three different viewpoints. The first is from the police officer’s in charge, Martin and Saga united in wanting to find the killer, but having different approaches to policing. Despite these apparent differences the goal for justice always remains their motivation. By using two different protagonists, it gives the audience a way to identify with at least one of their personality traits. The killer also is a self-proclaimed justice fighter, giving The Bridge an antagonist that has honourable causes at the heart of his motive. The killer cleverly interacts with the public giving them a chance to intervene to stop the murders. As a viewer you are catapulted into thinking what you would do in that situation. This direct identification gives the audience a personal investment in the storyline, and reluctant understanding for the killer.

(Photography: ZDF)


The Bridge, 2011 (TV). SVT1, DR1


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