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Updated: May 25, 2021

Film shorts have their own unique identity, a craft all of their own. They are stand-alone features and stories in their own right and from my experience difficult to master. To convey a narrative in a very limited amount of time, whilst maintaining traditional act structures, is a certain skill and deserving of more public recognition. Although writing shorts may be challenging, I have great admiration for them. Short of the Week is the place to go to check out international releases and see what is current. Founded in 2007 and supporting a cross-section of genres, Short of the Week is proud to have featured over 2,000 films across the globe.

So, if you have a spare minute to be freaked out and scared hopefully to death, here is a list of my favourite to get you started.

SALT by Rob Savage (2 minutes)

Yes, it is only two minutes long! Salt sees a mother navigating to protect her sick child from a menacing presence. Blink and you will probably miss it, not that you would want to, as this a little gem.

DOUBLE TAP by Eros Vlahos (3 minutes)

Double tap is a short for our ultra savvy digital Generation Z, full up on that cup of life that is social media. Fun and hilarious, apparently this is what really happens when you ignore an Instagram troll!

SPECIAL DAY by Teal Greyhavens (7 minutes)

Special Day is weirdly lovable. A comedic coming of age for an unsuspecting 18-year-old, who on her birthday is gifted the family curse! I often wonder how this plucky young girl is doing,…

THE SERMON by Dean Puckett (12 minutes)

A young woman is distraught when her father initiates an attack on her lover after discovering their relationship. Set within the confinements of a religious order, along with portraying the taboo subject of older female sexuality, The Sermon is a much needed but not often seen story. Watch out for the background shots, they really give you the chills!

MJ by Jamie Delaney (13 minutes)

MJ is Tinder gone bad. Playing on anxieties and safety fears more commonly expressed by women in the dating world, this short gives us an extreme side of the coin – the secret life of a female serial killer. MJ delivers on character and plot, we know where our character is coming from, and by the end we know what dark path she is going to follow.

BEHIND by Angel Gomez Hernade (15 minutes)

As a mother, you never want to hear from a stranger at a party that an evil presence has attached itself to you and your child. A custody battle, gaslighting and parent paranoia all culminate in Behinds haunting, with a conclusion that is every parent’s nightmare.

POLARIOD by Lars Klevberg (16 minutes)

Recently made into a feature on Netflix, but short of the week had it first! Two teenagers uncover an old polaroid camera, which starts to show more than just their selfies…Best watched in the dark! Enjoy!

Salt Photograpy: Shadowhouse Films

The Sermon Photography: Grasp the Nettle Films/ Dean Puckett

Polariod Photography: Eldorado Film


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