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Textural Analysis: It (2017) Review

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

The remake of Stephen King's screen adaptation of IT (2017) is more than just your everyday horror, it blends a fictional supernatural threat with real human tragedy. Brilliantly, the film shows how the children's fears of the supernatural were being mimicked in real life. Their antagonist was not just Pennywise the malicious and menacing clown, but the oppressive environments they were forced to live in as children. IT is about survival on a physical and psychological level, from the viewpoint of the most vulnerable. This gives us as the audience characters we can identify with, who are facing relatable obstacles. Although adult in content, IT shows the horrors of the world through the eyes of a child and highlights how little power they have, when living in an adult world. That was the true tragedy of the story.

Photograph by Brooke Palmer / Warner Bros. / Everett)


IT, 2017 (film), directed by Andres MUSCHIETT. USA: Warner Bros. Pictures


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