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THE EXORCIST (2017) review

Updated: May 18, 2020

Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) and Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) are back with a vengeance. Season 2, although a period after the first is a seamless continuation and cements the bond between Tomas and Marcus. It also widens the narrative of the fight of evil to the wider world, Satan it seems has a much wider audience then your everyday exorcism. We are also introduced to a new character Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson), a mysterious former nun on a crusade to rid the corruption in the Catholic Church. Together they form a defence against the devil.

The main narrative sees John Cho (Andy Kim) trying to maintain a safe space for his foster children after the death of his wife. After an unexpected plot twist early on which comprises John's sanity, I found that his character failed to develop further. The foster children then begin to come to the forefront, moving the story along, and providing an alternative viewpoint.

The series does well in creating a consequence of action, that can be too readily ignored in the horror genre. The characters were also aware of this and their actions, in relation to the real world. This enables the viewer to invest in a fictional narrative, and not dismissing stories as unrealistic or fantastical. The Exorcist is a great example of taking an extreme fantasy thread and weaving it seemingly with reality, which makes it all the scarier.

(Photography: Morgan Creek Entertainment/ New Neighborhood/ 20th Century Fox Television)

The Exorcist, 2016 (TV). Morgan Creek Entertainment


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