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Theme & Tone: Let The Right On In (2008) Review

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

To explore the theme and tone, I chose the eerie and severe Let the Right One In (2008). Loneliness and isolation are strongly felt throughout the film, which sets the overall tone. Despite being horror in genre, it is the romance between the two main characters Oskar and Eli that is the focal point. As a result, the pursuit of love it’s theme throughout. The tenderness of Oskar and Eli’s relationship is not necessarily a typical angle for a horror. They bond over their discomfort at being different and seeing the world from an outsider looking in. The final scene of them running away together, although initially positive has an air of tragedy. Despite their love for each other Eli will forever be in the body of an immortal 12-year- old and Oskar would always be a human, resigned to grow old and die. The theme is also beautifully echoed in the title Let the Right One In, which abstractly represents the pitfalls of love and the risk of rejection:

‘Eli loves Oskar, but must be "invited in" to his life. When he refuses ritually to invite her over the threshold into his mother's flat, her emotional pain expresses itself horribly in bleeding from her eyes, ears and pores: a haemophilia of rejection.’ (Bradshaw, P, 2009)

(Photography: Sandrew Metronome)


Let the Right One In, 2008 (film), directed by Tomas ALFREDSON. Sweden: Sandrew Metronome

Bradshaw, P (2009). ‘Let the Right One In’. (online) The Guardian (accessed 22 Apr. 2018)


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