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‘I am not a writer. I am a screenwriter, which is half a filmmaker.’ (Paul Schrader)

So, this week I was introduced to the world of video games with an assignment on Virginia. Bad I know but before I started this MA I had no idea that writing for games was even a thing! And it's more than a thing its big business. I have learnt a lot this week mainly from my fellow students many of whom are versed in this virtual world. I would have liked to explore this world a bit more but feel that as I am a complete novice that the amount of research I would have to do now would be far too much to embark on. Besides if I am not engrossed in a book from the reading list I am watching a film or new TV series. That being said I was surprised to see how Virginia was so ‘film like'. The use of the extended scenes and soundtrack really shaped the game's atmosphere. I did think that the game did rely on saturated stereotypes and clichés however I recognised that this was a necessary part of portraying the storyline easily especially as there was no dialogue.

Apparently, Paul Schrader sees us as a single identity we do not write, we do not make art, we are half a filmmaker… As a designer and fully fledged creative, I not really one for labels. I like to be a bit more holistic about anything I create, I will leave the labelling and putting in a designated box to other people. However, this statement has got me flummoxed. On the one hand, I am for the collaborative nature of screenwriting but I am also an advocate of writing in its purest form alone. For me, the jury is still out so this may be something I will have to revisit further in the MA.


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