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“I am rooted, but I flow.” (Virginia Woolf)

Just after I got back from Las Vegas in the summer I had a student support meeting to assess what assistance I would need in my MA due to my dyslexia. Since I have always done practical creative courses (my BA is in Surface Pattern Design and I am a working Interior Designer) this was a whole new approach to learning, although I have been writing extensively in my spare time. The assessor asked how do I construct my written work, whereby I replied that I firstly do extended prose before weaving it all together to make a coherent piece of writing. He looked horrified! But even despite the new soft wear, I have recently had this still remains the best way for me to generate ideas. I will jot thoughts down- words, statements but rarely fully fledged sentences. Then I look back at the spaces between them and fill in the gaps!

I am lucky I have a vast imagination coupled with vivid dreams. Since I was a child I have had no problems with thinking up stimulus to write. But what I really want to refine within my scripts are multi-layered narratives that effortlessly interlink. This is my mission! As a screenwriter, I want to make my stories complex and fully immerse the audience.


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