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In the beginning, there was a suggested reading list and I've been very busy ordering off Amazon! I had the pleasure of starting my first week of Uni reading John Yorke's Into the Woods. After reading the assigned last chapter I was pleased that the book touched on a subject I could talk a lot about, Carl Jung. Being a self-confessed psychology nerd I have spent a lot of free time reading up on Freud, Jung and Hamilton for no other reason other than pure interest. I have dipped in and out of dream translation and studied the amina and the unconscious self with my recent obsession being Simon Baron Cohen's The Science of Evil. This leads nicely to one of my first assignments where I was asked why I wanted to write which is simply the pursuit of my understanding of the human psyche. It is a way of knowing more about what it really means to be human. I am half way through writing a novel and already see myself as a natural creative writer, however, I wanted to extend this artform. Screenwriting for me is an independent structured way of making words physical and real. Que to study MA in Script and Screen! My apology for not citing the author of the above quote….I wrote it down whilst dipping into one of my many books and since I do not read in chronological order finding where I got it from has proved impossible!


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